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How To Write a Reflective Report

Reflective reports are essential tools for individuals to critically assess their experiences, learning, and growth in various contexts, such as academic, professional, or personal development.

What Are Primary Research Methods

Primary research methods are a cornerstone of academic and scientific inquiry. They involve the collection of original data directly from the source to address specific

How To Conduct Desk Research

One essential stage that sticks out in the large field of research technique as a cornerstone and a spur for scholarly inquiry is desk research,

Rogerian Argument – A Complete Guide

Rogerian argument, named after psychologist Carl Rogers, is a persuasive writing strategy that seeks to find common ground among opposing viewpoints. Unlike traditional argumentation, which

Understanding Kahirapan: A Comprehensive Analysis

Kahirapan, or “kahirapan” in Filipino, is a multidimensional phenomenon that transcends mere economic deprivation. It encompasses social, political, and cultural dimensions that affect individuals and