Qualitative Research Topics For ABM Students

What is ABM strand?

ABM stands for Accountancy, Business, and Management. Future leaders and entrepreneurs pursue education in this field to learn the skills essential for their careers. They study how to run a business. How to talk to clients. And, of course, how to come up with strategies to earn money.

Choosing an ABM Qualitative or Quantitative Research Topic

The first step in writing an ABM research paper is choosing a topic. With the abundance of ABM research topics ideas on the Internet, it’s not an easy task. Simply picking one won’t do the trick. You will need to juggle relevance, applicability, and your own personal interest in the subject.

There are two main types of AMB research methods: qualitative and quantitative.

  • Qualitative research answers the why and the how questions. It tests customers’ reaction to new products and studies consumer behaviors. Case studies, interviews, and focus groups are the common methods of collecting such data.
  • Quantitative research collects numerical data and analyzes stats. The common methods include various surveys in target groups.

What ABM fields to explore are out there?

  • Financial accounting (aka accountancy) is creating financial statements to be distributed within and outside of a company.
  • Management accounting is creating operational reports to be distributed only within a company.
  • Banking and finance are all about financial services provided to customers, and the laws of investment.
  • Business administration is supervising and overseeing various business operations.
  • Marketing is all about the promotion of buying and selling services and products.
  • Entrepreneurship is all about the process of coming up with, starting and managing a new business.
  • Human resource development management is all about reaching the top potential of the employees.
  • Hospitality management is overseeing and supervising various administrative tasks of a resort or hotel.
  • Tourism is all about attracting, housing, and entertaining tourists, and organizing tours for them.

Qualitative Research Paper Topics for ABM Students

This group of students comprises those who belong to the field of accountancy, business and management. Even though the following topics have been mentioned for each field separately, some of them can be mixed and matched. Because each field in ABM might make use of other, surrounding fields during its research process. This is all because of a simple fact: such fields are very inter-connected.


  1. Will Blockchain improve the future of accounting? Why or why not?
  2. How has the COVID-19 situation affected accountancy firms globally?
  3. Is cryptocurrency the solution to all the financial issues of today’s consumerist society? Why/why not or how?
  4. What are some important ethical considerations involved in discretionary accruals?
  5. What will an accounting firm be like without interest rates?
  6. Do international firms like Coke or Nestle have a better accountancy workforce than local vendors? Why or why not?


  1. How can someone launch their own business during the current COVID-19 pandemic? How is it different than launching a business any other time of the year?
  2. Is the AI business model the most integrated business approach model out there right now? Why/why not or how?
  3. What is the importance of language in communicating business goals, reaching the target audience, etc.?
  4. Which business ethics’ theories are followed most rigorously by contemporary businesses and why?
  5. When do businesses like Amazon or Shopify least benefit or affect the general public or other businesses?


  1. What is the relation between career and talent management?
  2. Which affects management more: process planning or project planning? Why or how?
  3. Does organisational leadership affect management in small companies? How?
  4. Where is construction management most useful?
  5. How will an organisation be affected without brand management?

Interesting Research Titles for ABM Students

The AMB strand is vast because it involves three subjects, each with several sub-classes. Therefore, choosing a research title for the ABM strand can be challenging as numerous options exist. While many opt for a quantitative research topic about ABM strand pdf, we prepared the following more examples of topics you can use:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing for a business
  • Is outsourcing an ethical business practice?
  • A comprehensive guide for negotiation tactics
  • Insider trading: what is it, and why is it an offense
  • The nature of insider trading and punishments for it
  • What would be the ideal punishment for severe corporate crimes?
  • Wages and employee productivity: What are the correlations?
  • Guidelines for managing employee retention
  • The role of staff motivation in employee productivity and retention
  • The impact of a low-cost economy on companies and their employees
  • The benefits and drawbacks of a low-cost economy on companies
  • How to navigate the startup world
  • Teenage businesses: a booming phenomenon
  • Are small businesses the basics of economics?
  • How do third-world countries navigate the business world?

Perfect Quantitative Research Topics for ABM Students

Quantitative research focuses on collecting numerical data and examining stats. Quantitative research for ABM students includes methods like target group surveys. Choosing a quantitative research title for the ABM strand requires keenness. Here are a few quantitative research title examples for ABM students:

  • How social media and the internet have changed the corporate world
  • Evolutionary aspects of corporate crisis management
  • What are the most and least popular services in the corporate world
  • Business strategies in the banking sector
  • Negotiation and diplomacy: a guide for business owners
  • Creating a balanced ecology for increasing production
  • Branding: The concept and its place in the modern market
  • What challenges do small enterprises face in corporate America?
  • Is internet advertisement taking over the world of advertising?
  • The psychology behind consumer decision making
  • How has feminism influenced the way women consume products and services
  • Is advertising in schools an ethical practice?
  • Do companies need to offer psychologists for their employees?
  • How can companies incorporate and encourage eco-friendly policies and practices in their organizations?
  • Should minimum wage be canceled?

Awesome Research Topics Related to ABM Strand

Choosing an ABM research title can be hard. However, with some inspiration, you will find a place to start. This section will help you select a research topic about the ABM strand. So here is our collection of ABM strand research topics.

  • The rise, fall, and policies of Eastman Kodak
  • Do ethics and morality exist in the current business-oriented world?
  • The contributors to the high mobile phone sale rates in recent years
  • The Apple Company: How has the company maintained its position in the device market?
  • Corporate rituals: what are they, examples of the oldest and most rigid ones still in practice
  • The role of brainstorming in idea production and business solutions
  • The role of a franchise agreement for franchise and franchise holders
  • Elements to consider when selecting a sector to expand your business
  • Alcohol companies should be obliged to donate to alcohol recovery centers: An explanation
  • Brad awareness: How to create a globally recognizable brand
  • The financial crisis: what should global and local businesses expect?
  • What is the future of commerce and retail in the current digital era?
  • Are bank mergers a wise strategy or a recipe for failure?
  • Does bankruptcy mean the end of a business?
  • Should banks consider bank mergers? If so, when would be the right time?

ABM Research Titles for Student Authors

An ABM research title with the author feels should be well thought out. Here are a few more creative ABM research topics for your consideration:

  • Effective competing strategies for local businesses
  • How are local businesses influencing the global economy?
  • What is the role of employee unions in the United States?
  • Should companies encourage their employees to join employee unions?
  • How can large businesses help local companies break through the global market without fear of competition?
  • Global businesses: how is the internet promoting globalization?
  • Does organizational environmental pollution affect consumer trust levels?
  • How can businesses incorporate their consumers into eco-friendly practices?
  • What are the consequences of overworking employees in the workplace?
  • How can you transform your leadership to create a successful business?

Educative Qualitative Research Topics for ABM Students

Qualitative research answers the whys and hows of a topic. It tests people’s reactions to products and studies client or consumer behaviors. Qualitative research also employs case studies, interviews, and focus groups to gather information on qualitative research topics.

  • How can you make a museum exhibition marketable?
  • Tobacco companies: Should they be mandated to donate to cancer treatment avenues?
  • What are the advantages of owning a recognizable and respectable brand?
  • How can you package your brand, so people receive it positively and widely?
  • Company image: How does it affect consumer behavior and modern corporate culture?
  • Why do certain niche companies gravitate towards hiring youths?
  • Why do certain companies prefer female employees to men and the contrary?
  • How has the Chinese market benefit from globalization?
  • How do business clusters move globalization?
  • Should alcohol companies pay higher taxes?

ABM Research Titles About Accounting

Are you wondering about the ABM research title about accounting to choose? Your choice of a qualitative research topic about the ABM strand will determine the course your research takes. Find a qualitative and quantitative research title about the ABM strand in accounting in the following list.

  • Blockchain: How will this improve the future of accounting?
  • The impact of COVID-19 on global accountancy firms
  • Cryptocurrency: Is this the solution to all current financial issues in the consumerist society?
  • Discretionary accruals: Meaning and important ethical considerations
  • The role of interest rates on the success of accounting firms
  • What would accounting firms look like if interest rates did not exist?
  • Do global companies have better accountancy workforces than local ones?
  • Should local vendors adopt similar accountancy practices as global companies?
  • The role of an efficient accountancy workforce in a company’s success
  • Should more global companies jump on the cryptocurrency trend?

ABM Research Titles About Business

Another core subject in the ABM strand is business. It is arguably one of the easiest of the three elements in the ABM strand. However, students still struggle to find a good ABM research topic for business. So, we prepared this research title about business section for you to find a business research title example (research title about business quantitative and quantitative). Find an example of a business research title from the list below:

  • Are businesses that were formed during the COVID-19 pandemic still thriving?
  • How was launching a business during the pandemic different from any other year?
  • AI business models: are they the most integrated business approach model currently?
  • How important is language in communicating business goals and reaching your target audience?
  • Business ethic theories: do modern businesses follow them as rigorously as conventional ones?
  • How do internet-related businesses like Amazon affect other businesses and the general public?
  • How to build consumer loyalty in a competitive sector
  • Consumer crisis: What is it and how to manage it
  • What are the best ways to minimize the risks of low-quality products or ones that do not meet industry standards?
  • The value of determining your target market at the conception of a business

ABM Research Titles About Management

Most students panic whenever they choose an ABM research title about management because they lack options. That should not be an issue again because we are here to help. Find an excellent qualitative or quantitative management and advertising research title for ABM students in the section below:

  • Career and talent management: Differences and correlations
  • Critical elements that affect business management, process planning, and project management
  • The role of organizational leadership in small company management
  • Construction management: How is it useful and how to do it effectively
  • Brand management: What would happen if businesses did not practice effective brand management?
  • The best customer risk management practices and why should always have a plan set in place
  • An explanation of the concept of consumer management in the current business sector
  • How effective management impacts the concept of perfect competition.
  • The impact of business management on worker loyalty and productivity rates
  • Critical factors to consider when choosing the right management team for a business
  • What is subliminal advertising, and what should you know about it?
  • How does subliminal advertising work?
  • Is product placement a good advertising strategy?
  • What is the future of telemarketing in the current corporate world?
  • Is telemarketing a thing of the past or a relevant form of advertising?

Topics on Research Problems Related to ABM Strand

From ABM research topics quantitative to overall topics related to ABM, there are many approaches you can take for your research. The good thing is you will always benefit from an example of a research title about the ABM strand. Below are a few examples.

  • Why do copycat products enter the market so easily?
  • How can companies fight for their copyright and prevent copycat products from entering the market?
  • Can companies redeem themselves after a corporate crime crisis?
  • The role of corporate social responsibility in making a company more socially accountable
  • An explanation of the concept of corporate social responsibility
  • Corporate crime: What to know about this and how to come back from such a challenge
  • The idea of data security in the current business world
  • How to protect your data from data corruption, unauthorized access, and other data security issues
  • Employee coaching Vs. Employee management: What is the difference and how to organize each practice
  • Do businesses still adhere to this ethical principle?

Business Research Topics for ABM Students

An example of a research title about the business will help you get started. However, you must be keen on the research title about ABM that you select. Find a suitable business research topic for ABM students here:

  • Disruptive innovation in business: What are it and essential things you should understand
  • Is intellectual capital the key to unlocking your potential?
  • The basic components of intellectual capital
  • What is the most effective way to match a person to a role in a company?
  • Is job sculpting the key to unlocking people’s potential in the workplace?
  • Moral principles and regulations that govern business operations in your country
  • A guide to the various types of mergers
  • Key reasons that motivate companies to turn to merge
  • The Starbucks effect in the real estate sector?
  • Do people consider the presence of a Starbucks in their environment when making real estate decisions?
  • The value of strategic planning when establishing the direction of a small business before its launch
  • Labor strikes: What companies do they affect, and what are their consequences?
  • The value of company ethics and how companies should establish them
  • A guide for setting company ethics for a startup
  • The consequences of labor strikes in the general corporate economy

Well-Thought Grade 12 ABM Research Topics

Most ABM students are usually in the 12th grade. At this academic level, students have the cognitive ability to grasp ABM strand concepts. An ABM research project is a stepping stone for 12th-grade students to move toward the next level of studies. Therefore, choosing a good topic is mandatory.

A good topic will help you find your ground and write a research paper that stands out. Creativity is an essential quality when picking research topics. However, if you do not trust your creativity, you need not worry. Here are some ABM-related research topics for 12th-grade students:

  • Do undocumented workers have rights?
  • Ware the risks of employing undocumented workers in your business?
  • What belief system is work ethic, and does it have disadvantages?
  • The element of work ethic when selecting employees for your startup
  • How to encourage and maintain work-life balance for your employees
  • Can a work-life balance help promote productivity in your workplace?
  • Is business leadership a learned skill or an in-born talent?
  • How much power should stakeholders have in your business?
  • How do stakeholders affect the success of a business?
  • Why should the corporate sector educate the public on international investment?
  • Global competition: is this a successful strategy for local companies or a recipe for success?
  • International unemployment is a global phenomenon
  • How can local companies help resolve the issue of global unemployment?
  • How can large and successful companies create more employment opportunities?
  • Forms of ethical conflicts in the business world and how to avoid them

Business Topics to Write about

Decided to go with a business-related topic for your ABM research paper?

Here are some of the freshest ideas for a relevant business research paper. Enjoy our selection of business research topics and research titles for ABM students. Choose one and prove that your finger is on the pulse of the modern market world!

  • Is poverty something companies should care about? How can they help society? Should they care, and if so, how much? How can being socially responsible help companies in the market?
  • What are the current trends in how companies treat their workers? What issues might come up in the future? Give examples.
  • How does having a diverse workforce affect a company? Should companies make sure they have diversity among their employees? How should they set up their workplaces for efficiency?
  • How important is knowing a lot of people for finding good partners, employees, and customers? Can you give examples?
  • How are online businesses growing globally? Give examples. How does managing the supply chain work in e-business?
  • Are leaders today different from leaders in the past? How do modern leaders deal with today’s challenges and opportunities? Give examples.
  • Who does copyright law protect more, artists or companies? How has copyright law changed over time and why? Give examples. Are there any legal cases?
  • What types of ads work best? Give research. What are the latest ad trends? What are the pros and cons of online and offline ads? What mistakes do brands make in ads?
  • Why is Apple so successful? Is it just good ads, or more? How does Apple get so many loyal customers? What problems does Apple face? What do you think will happen to Apple?
  • Who relies most on word-of-mouth advertising? How can big companies benefit from it? How is word-of-mouth different from other ads? Give examples.
  • How can Facebook help businesses? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What successful companies use Facebook for business?
  • Is paying based on performance good or bad? How should employers link pay to performance? Should other factors be considered? Give research.
  • Should companies have the same rules everywhere, or different rules in different places? What are the pros and cons? Give examples.
  • Is it better to hire from outside or promote from within? What are the pros and cons? How can companies do both? Which is cheaper?
  • Does a big company need to focus on its home country? Is it good for the economy? Give examples.
  • What’s “management by walking around” and why do some companies do it? Is it good or bad for employees? Who needs it more, employees or managers? Is it effective?
  • What is the AIDA formula in ads? Why is it used? How does it compare to other ad formulas?
  • What is a free market? What are the good and bad things about it? Give examples.
  • Are family businesses good or bad? Give examples. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • Why do companies like having franchises? What are the pros and cons? Which is easier to manage? Which is cheaper?
  • What are the laws on marijuana businesses in the US? What do you think will happen in the future?
  • How does the government affect businesses in your country? What’s the best way for them to work together? How does this affect the economy?
  • How does the internet change how people buy things? Is it different from before? Is the internet just for ads, or more?
  • What is consumerism? Is it real or made up? Is it natural or caused by big companies? Can you give examples?
  • What are the best countries for companies to invest in? How can a country be invested in? Why do companies do it? Is it worth it? Can you give examples?

Here are some more business research topics to explore:

  • Outsourcing: What are the good and bad things about it for a business? Is it right to do?
  • Authors and copyright: Is it better to use your real name or a fake one?
  • Negotiation tactics: How to understand who has power in a negotiation.
  • How do changes in oil prices affect what people buy in Turkey?
  • Do government officials have a better chance of getting away with corruption?
  • What are the business strategies and ads for Juicy Fruit gum?
  • How has the punishment for insider trading changed over time?
  • What’s the secret to American Airlines’ success?
  • What are the good things about laws on alcohol sales and drinking?
  • What does it mean for a company to be good at changing?
  • Should companies be punished with the death penalty for really bad crimes?
  • Is there a link between how much workers get paid and how hard they work?
  • Does having good strategies help workers be more productive?
  • Does keeping employees happy make them work harder?
  • How can companies keep their workers from quitting?
  • What are the good and bad things about a low-cost economy for companies?
  • How can businesses make sure their emails don’t end up in the spam folder?
  • How do you start a new business?
  • How do L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble make and spend money?
  • What’s up with teenagers starting businesses?
  • How do private and public warehouses work together?
  • What’s important to know about small businesses?
  • What’s the difference between Coca-Cola and PepsiCo?
  • How do people do business in poorer countries?
  • What kinds of taxes are there and what do they do?
  • How do people who want to make money influence the government?
  • Is it different to be good in business than just in life?
  • What’s it like to do business in different countries?
  • How does Roadrunner Sports use social media?
  • How do you figure out who you want to sell things to and get them to buy?
  • How do you deal with problems in a business?
  • What are the good and bad things about having call centers outside the US?
  • How do you figure out how risky a business idea is?
  • How do big companies that control a market affect everyone else?
  • How do family businesses work?
  • How does copyright law work?
  • How do you start a gaming lounge business?
  • What services do people want most and least?
  • How does Dell sell computers all over the world?
  • Is it a good idea for companies to give to charity?
  • How do you make more stuff without hurting the environment?
  • How does SunTrust bank make money?
  • What traditions do companies have?
  • How do you negotiate and make deals in business?
  • Is TransGlobal Airlines too big and powerful?
  • Why is it important for workers to have a good place to work?
  • How did Google become so successful?
  • What do brands mean in today’s market?
  • What happened when American Airlines and US Airways joined together?
  • Do wars and other big problems help or hurt businesses?


For ABM (Accountancy, Business, and Management) students engaged in qualitative research, the conclusions drawn from their studies can offer valuable insights into various aspects of business and management. Qualitative research allows students to explore the nuances and complexities of real-world scenarios, providing a deeper understanding of organizational dynamics, consumer behavior, market trends, and more.

In concluding their qualitative research topics, ABM students should emphasize the significance of their findings in informing decision-making processes within businesses and organizations. Whether their research delves into employee motivation, customer satisfaction, organizational culture, or strategic management, students should underscore how their qualitative analysis offers actionable recommendations for improving business practices and achieving organizational goals.

Furthermore, ABM students can highlight the importance of qualitative research in complementing quantitative methodologies. While quantitative data provides numerical insights and statistical analyses, qualitative research adds richness and depth to the understanding of phenomena by capturing the voices, perspectives, and experiences of individuals. By synthesizing both qualitative and quantitative approaches, ABM students can offer a holistic view of complex business phenomena, contributing to more informed and effective management strategies in the dynamic and competitive landscape of today’s business environment.


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